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"I grew up on the beach for 18 years. I've tried them all. Spray sunblock always goes on patchy, regular sunblock goes on smooth and it's much easier to cover your whole skin evenly" - Lance Weiss, Researcher
"I feel that human lungs were not made for inhaling sunscreen—it takes an extra second, but totally worth it as far as I'm concerned." -Jean Godfrey June, Beauty Director
"I'm a reformed sun worshipper and since I still love the summer sun, I'm really into shielding my skin from it when outdoors. While I love the convenience of spray sun block and use it to reapply and only on my body, I prefer regular sun block to protect my face, because it seems more effective (something about a cream feels more substantial!). Plus it's always annoying when someone at the beach is spraying their sun block a little too close to you so that it drifts into your drink." -Jane Sung, Lucky Breaks Editor
"My dermatologist told me to stick with lotion—not spray. That's reason enough for me." -Jenna Gottlieb, Features Writer
"As a ginger, I'm a firm believer in lathering on sunscreen. Regular sunblock is so much better because you can ensure that you don't miss a spot (most of the time, at least—we've all had those random splotchy sunburns). Who cares if you smell like sunscreen all day when you'll have fabulous skin forever?" -Hillary McDaniels, Digital Production Assistant
"Aerosol cans are so bad for the environment! This Kiss My Face sunscreen is not only great for your skin but for your karma too!" -Amanda Letchko, Fashion Assistant
"I love to be in the sun but am very careful when it comes to my face. I don't trust a spray on my face because you never know if you are getting full coverage! I swear by Supergoop's Sunscreen, it fights current and past sun damage! I never lay in the sun without it!" -Lisa Goldstein, Fashion Market Assistant