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The Look: Messy Braids
Sweet, a little sexy and decidedly feminine, braids this summer come every way: fishtailed, pulled apart, smooth, double, single, fat, thin...
How To

Step 1: "Divide the section of hair you want to braid into two pieces,” says John Barrett, owner of New York’s John Barrett salon. “Take a small outer piece from one side and cross it over to the inside of the opposing side."
Step 2: "Repeat with small outer pieces from opposite sides crossing over to become part of the inside of the first section."

Step 3: "Keep crossing small outer pieces into the opposite inside until braid is complete. Pull apart for a more relaxed look."


Pro Tip
For texture and gleam, this super-conditioning spray adds instant body and is flecked with tiny crystals to leave your hair incredibly shiny.
The Look: Beachy Waves
Tousled gorgeousness—no matter what your hair type.
How To
For thin hair: “Coil damp hair with thickening mist into pin curls,” says celebrity stylist/New York/L.A. salon owner Sally Hershberger. “When it’s 60 percent dry, go over with a diffuser to set curls—run fingers through.”

For curly hair:

“Flat-iron each piece—not too straight—to stretch the curls out into waves.”

For long hair:
“Braid damp hair and leave overnight or until it’s dry.”

For short hair:
“Wrap small sections of hair around curling iron and tousle.”
Pro Tip
Turns frizz and curls into smooth, wavy perfection!
The Look: Straight
Neat, glassy-shiny straight hair is crisp, calm and cool—and it’s now easier than ever to achieve perfection.
How To
Step 1: “Start with hydrating shampoo and conditioner for your hair type,” says stylist Orlando Pita, who owns Orlo Salon in New York.
Step 2: “Work a little smoothing treatment—I love oils—into towel-dried hair to prevent frizz. Curly and ethnic hair are more absorbent, so you need more.”

Step 3: “Divide your hair into four sections: front, back, left, right. Start at the back and blow-dry your way forward with a paddle brush; point the dryer at the brush and slowly pull the brush downward to the ends, following it with the dryer. Make sure each section is completely dry before moving on.”
Pro Tip
Add oil for shine only on your top layers of hair.
The Look: The Summer Updo
Whether it’s a chic coif loosened up with a streak of hot pink or a wayward knot at the nape of your neck, the feeling is cool and put-together.
How To
Step 1: Start with smooth blow-dried hair and add sculpting balm to create matte texture and give you some grip.
Step 2: Gather into a tight ponytail with an elastic—low or high, depending, says L.A. celebrity stylist Mara Roszak. “Twist into a coil and wrap around and around into a bun, securing with hairpins as you go. Finish with hairspray.”

Step 3: A clean center part or neatly tucking your ends into the bun totally changes the look.
Pro Tip
These pins come in every color—adorable.