Eight After Sun Skin And Hair Saviors

Every summer, I dream of looking like I just stepped out of the movie Blue Crush. You know, all sun-kissed with evenly bronzed skin and perfectly unkempt beach waves. But after a day at the beach, splotchy, itchy sunburns and dull, dehydrated hair are more my reality. 

Thank goodness for skin and hair-saving after sun products, am I right?

Click through below to shop sunburn-soothing moisturizers, color-protecting shampoos and more.

For Your Skin

I treated my first sunburn of the season (it's always the worst one) with this stuff, and while it didn't make the redness disappear, it did take the pain away. Plus, it has a shimmery finish which does wonders for the appearance of dull, damaged skin. 

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