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They look as magical as they sound.
Benefit Fakeup
Fake never looked so good. Hide all of last night's sorrows with this amazing product that you can throw right into your purse on a rushed morning!
Nothing looks worse than dry legs in a pair of short-shorts. Avoid the problem at all costs with this eight-hour body moisturizer.
This luscious gloss is the perfect finishing touch for any summer style.
Let Klorane Leave-in Fluid solve all of your problems. Packed with amazing plant ingredients and free of sodium chloride, it will work wonders on any type of hair—in any type of weather.
This summer, add some color into your beauty routine with these amazing shadows that have the perfect blend of bright pigment and shimmer.
Say goodbye to frizz and flyways. This spray will help your hair tackle any type of weather.
How could anyone turn down an antioxidant-infused sunscreen?
This original nipple balm is the best-kept secret for women in dire need of lip hydration. Loaded with natural ingredients, it'll get your lips smooth and glossy in seconds flat.
Summer just got even better, thanks to these amazing warm-weather shades!
This fun travel-sized tube is perfect for vacationing in the sweltering summer sun.
Your nails will always look top-of-the-line when you've got this essential mini mani kit on hand (pun intended).
Bring your everyday wash-up routine with you on nights out with this easy to-go sleepover kit.
Take the nautical theme to a new level with these hair ties, perfect for a day on the beach or boardwalk!
Bathing suit season marks the start of diets, workout plans—and  ingrown hairs. Let this amazing serum give you a spotless bikini line.
We all deserve a natural glow.
For a day of nonstop running, and lack of a shower hour. This amazing dry shampoo will leave your hair looking fresher every time you use it.
Applying BB cream has become as natural as brushing your teeth. This summer, we will continue to use it to cover imperfections, balance oils and give us a natural glow.
Your lips will look poppin' all day long with this SPF-infused lip protectant.
It's that time of the month, and the only way you're hitting the beach is if you can cover up that hormonal breakout first. This concealer has SPF, so you can kill two birds with one stone!
Just spritz this paraben- and sulfate-free detangler onto your strands, and nasty knots will be a thing of the past.
Make your freshly-painted manicure last for days with top coat. This quick-dry formula will have you dry in minutes, so painting your nails will feel like a much less tedious task.
Why shouldn't your hair get the same amount of attention as your face? This mask will strengthen and moisturize your locks.
A cult favorite, this leaves your natural curls bouncy, soft and completely crunch-free—a blessing during summertime humidity, when your hair's especially prone to frizz.
No, really—there are countless colors in there!
Go bold or go home.
For the all-natural beauty lovers out there.
This magical moisturizer will soothe just-shaved skin and remove makeup, too!
Spending hours in the pool or ocean can leave nails brittle and frail. This nail hardener uses natural vitamins to strengthen things up.
Why shouldn't your cosmetics case be as fun and bright as your summer outfit? Pack this bold, perfectly-sized case in your suitcase on weekend trips.
Not a fan of the sun? You're probably the only person we know who isn't, but we've got the perfect solution for you. Use this to maintain that summer glow without ever setting foot on the beach.
Don't forget to wear protection! Styling tools can fry once-healthy hair, so apply this product before using them to lock in moisture and shine.
Hours spent at the beach usually translate into smudged, runny makeup by the end of the day. Avoid raccoon eyes by carrying makeup remover with you at all times.
Nothing feels—or looks—worse than a sunburn that's starting to peel. Use this cleanser to remove dead skin while catering to your skin's sensitive nature.
Easily wipes away long-lasting, even waterproof makeup–yet won't irritate even the most sensitive skin.
It's very simple to lose sight of cuticle maintenance in the midst of summertime plans. Use this salve to moisturize all over, resulting in healthier and more nourished hands and nails.
Line your eyes with these amazing brights.
Enhance your natural summer glow—and combat midday oilies—with this pressed powder.
Aside from the sweet taste, macadamia nuts are nourishing for both skin and hair. For best results, use this product on thinner hair types.
Got a weekend getaway on your agenda? Throw this travel-size toothpaste into your bag and toss it at the end of your trip.
The best eyebrow-tamers on the market, bar none.
Look younger all over. This product will bring your damaged hair back to life in no time!
Remember that phase of your life when the crunchier your hair was, the better? We're over that phase, thankfully, and onto smooth, shiny hair. That's why we love this gel. As much as it styles, it also hydrates and shines!
Bronzer, blush, and highlighter all in one? This is pretty much the only makeup you'll need all season long.
You can't argue with perfection, can you?
So tiny you can bring it anywhere—perfect for that on-the-go finishing touch.
Have no fear—the sunscreen you just splattered on your shorts will be gone in no time with this stain bar.
Too bold to resist.
Show your locks some lovin'.
For bold, clump-free, long and luscious lashes.