The Flawless Wedding Beauty Look Any Bride Can Create

Your wedding photos are not the type of pictures you want to look back at and say, "What was I thinking?!" So when it comes to your beauty look, keep it simple. You want to look like your natural, gorgeous self—with a few minor enhancements, of course.

To create those enhancements, we turned to celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams for some pro application tips and tricks.

Read on for Mickey's step-by-step guide to creating the perfect (and easy!) look for your big day.

When creating a flawless makeup look for your wedding day, think of accentuating the natural colors and curves of your face with a few extra steps to ensure you look stunning in pictures!


Start with the eyes so any residue from shadow or liner can be swept away before applying foundation. Stick to natural-colored palettes or shadows that will enhance the darker curves of the eye and highlight the lighter areas to give eyes dimension, both in photos and in person.

Start with a shadow primer and apply a dab on a clean eyelid. Next take a shimmery and slightly lighter shadow and apply it to the area from your lid to the crease. Next take a shadow slightly lighter than your natural skin tone and apply from the crease onward to your brow.

Next take a chisel fluff brush and apply a neutral color, slightly darker than your skin tone, into the groove of your crease. Try to keep your eye slightly open while applying and work the brush along the natural shape of the eye to create a contour that will accentuate its shape and add a hint of depth.

Now use a long-wear eyeliner that will endure any tears of joy and apply to the lash line. The important thing with liner is to make sure that the line is worked into the natural lash line and there are no gaps. Once liner is dry, apply a shadow slightly lighter than your liner into the edges to smoke out (or create a smudged look to) the line. This will make the liner look softer, so there are no harsh edges for pictures.

Take an eyelash curler and gently curl lashes. Mascara should be waterproof and dark. I only use black on brides and I apply two coats and comb through each layer to avoid clumping. Lastly, use a makeup remover pad or a washcloth and remove any residue that has fallen onto the lower eyelid.


Foundation should be tested prior to your wedding day, but if you have good skin stick to a lightweight formula like a BB cream, or if you are looking for something with more coverage, apply a full-bodied long wear option that will stay in place.

Start by applying your foundation of choice to the center of your face, blending towards your hair and neckline. If your dress is strapless, you can apply to your neck and a bit onto your chest as well.

Next, apply a very light setting powder all over your face. In everyday makeup we can tend to opt out of setting powder, but for the big day it is crucial. It may look heavy at first, but in one hour you will be glowing.

Next, apply a bronzer along the hairline and under your jawline if you want a pronounced look to your chin. Remember, no harsh lines—so blend away any dark spots or edges left by bronzer.

Lastly, apply a soft, matte cream blush on the apples of the cheeks, blending into the bronzer. Less is more and you should use a synthetic flat brush when applying, as fingers can dig into the foundation already set on your face.


Your lips are so important, so you should use a formula that will resist kissing, food and drinks. The color you choose is of course your preference, but I always tell brides to use something that is a slightly more pinky or peach than their own lip shade and to go no more than two shades darker. —Mickey Williams, Celebrity Makeup Artist and CVS/pharmacy Beauty Board Member

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