19 Secrets From Top Hairstylists

Fill Cuticles With Oil

"If you’re going to be by a pool or salt water, then I like PhytoPlage which is an oil that contains a UV blocker of 30. The oil serves two purposes; besides being a UV blocker, it also fills the cuticle so it won't absorb all that chlorine and salt water. The cuticle of the hair is like a sponge. If you drop a sponge in a pool dry, it will absorb all that chlorinated water. If you wet the sponge first, it will float on top of the pool. So fill your cuticle with the oil before you get in the pool so it won't absorb the chlorinated water, then rinse with fresh water when you get out of the pool, reapply the sunblock and put your hat or scarf back on." - Kyle White, Celebrity Colorist, Oscar Blandi Salon

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Get ready for a summer full of good hair days. We’ve consulted four major hairstylists for expert tips on fighting frizz, protecting color and keeping hair shiny, hydrated and healthy all season long.