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Diane's smoky eye makeup adds unexpected elegance to an otherwise casual beachy braid.
Kruger killed it with these chin-length, ultra-shiny waves. Flapper chic at its finest.
Diane tends to go light on the lipstick—so when she breaks out a bold red, it's hard to notice anything else (in the room.. in the world..)
Finger waves and red lipstick: timeless Hollywood glamour.
Apparently, if you're German and blonde, there's no need to ever outgrow your Heidi phase.
Kruger relocated to Paris when she was 22, and instantly began to adapt to the City of Lights' effortless style.
Pumping it up for the punk-themed Met Gala earlier this year, Kruger's intense blue eyeshadow perfectly mirrored her hair's magenta-dyed tips.
The combination of minimalist makeup and an easy, elastic-free fishtail braid gives Kruger the perfect natural look. And she pulls it off without any jewelry! What a champ.
Wing-tipped eyeliner can elevate any look—but Kruger's high ponytail amps it up even further!
Was DK a swan in a past life? Get a load of that rolled updo!