10 Ways to Ensure a Streak-Free Self-Tan

Truth be told, self tanners scare me. No matter what the bottles may promise, it seems to me that it's much easier to create orange splotches than an even, natural glow.

But it has officially reached that point in the summer when my unchanging fair complexion really needs a boost, so despite my fears, I'm taking the plunge.

To avoid any orange-hued disasters, I turned to tanning experts Sophie Evans of St. Tropez and Kim Carrasco of Sunless, Inc. for pro application tips and tricks.

Share my qualms? Click through below for everything you need to know about successfully using a self tanner. We can do this!

"Exfoliation is key. The better condition of the skin, the better the tan will look and last. If you can start scrubbing about three consecutive days before applying the tan, this will achieve optimum results. Any waxing should be carried out 24 hours prior to self-tan application to avoid any self-tan sitting in the open pores. Remove all products before applying a self-tan and use a non-oil based exfoliator (oils leave residue behind)." — Sophie Evans, St. Tropez Skin Finishing Expert

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