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"I'm really into the clean, nude nail look—it works with every outfit, in every situation, and it's way less maintenance!" - Maura Lynch, Senior Beauty Editor
"Nude nails (or one, solid color)! Nail art is too complicated for me and I change my mind too often with what I want on my nails. So a solid red or a nude nail is a go-to for me. Also, when your nails are plainly painted, it is so simple to touch up when they begin to chip!" - Stephanie Kornblum, Public Relations Coordinator
"I just bought this nail art tool from Sephora—it makes dots incredibly easy! Viva la nail art!" - Amanda Letchko, Fashion Assistant
"I'm majorly classic when it comes to nails. It's either nude (one coat of Essie's Allure) or red (Essie's Russian Roulette) for me. I can't look at another printed, ombré, or (the worst) fuzzy set of nails." - Julia Kalachnikoff, Accessories Director
"I have very strong feelings about this topic. Unless you are under the age of 13, nail art is just not OK (same goes for neons, pastels, and glitter). I would rather have bare, unpainted nails than have to wear any nail color other than Ballet Slippers or Step Right Up." - Adrianna Barrionuevo, Associate Fashion Credits Editor
"There's no anxiety that comes along with having to pick what you want out of the five million colors/designs a salon has to offer." - Kate Johanson, Editorial Assistant
"I can't keep a manicure longer than a couple days, but I'm a nude fan all the way. I especially love Essie's Chinchilly color, because it's not nude but it's not black. It's a nice balanced granite color." - Hillary McDaniels, Digital Production Assistant
"A barely-there whitish pink (Essie's Marshmallow) or an opaque nude (Essie's Topless and Barefoot) is so easy, refreshing and works for every occasion, from beach weekends to black-tie weddings. Though, honestly, lately I've been going straight up polish-less. It's so liberating!" - Jenna Gottlieb, Senior Fashion Writer
"There's something timeless about a nude/neutral nail and better yet, it hides chipping much more than other colors do. I like to keep it classic with Essie Fiji and Essie Sand Tropez for a clean look that goes with everything. Feeling too plain? A french tip in a bight color makes a nude mani more fun." - Mary Kate McCormick, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief
"At this point, I'm just about done with nail art for good. It's far too high-maintenance—especially for a digital editor like myself, who spends most of the day tapping away at a keyboard, much to the dismay of any manicure I might be trying to maintain. Short, nude nails—whether they're painted a pale, neutral shade or literally polish-free—are just so clean and classic." - Elana Fishman, Senior Digital Editor
"Nail art may be dead, but I'd sooner give up my red lipstick than give up my punchy nail colors. While prints and patterns and—even worse, jewels!—are starting to feel as done as the mullet dress, super-saturated polishes in primary colors are fresh, modern, and varied enough that you'll never get bored. I'm really feeling Essie's Saturday Disco right now, just FYI." - Verena von Pfetten, Executive Digital Editor