Why Mousse (Yes, Mousse!) Will Make Your Hair Look Better Than Ever

Mousse takes me way back. Back to an unfortunate hair moment during my tween years when my morning regimen consisted of scrunching a palm full of mousse into my hair post-shower and running out the door. The result? A head of crunchy, matted down curls mixed with random frizzy strands caused by patchy application.

Once I received my first flat iron, my curls became a secret and mousse joined blueberry-scented glitter as a never-to-be-used again product of my past.

Until recently, that is. At an event hosted by one of my most trusted haircare brands, Oribe, I listened as hairstylist Adam Livermore gushed about the brands' new line of mousses. "Oh no, not this stuff again," I thought to myself. But after a blowout made not crunchy or slimy, but glamorous and bouncy by Oribe's Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, I walked out a convert.

It's not mousse as we all (try not to) remember it. It gives your hair everything you want—texture, lift, protection from humidity and envirnonmental stressers—all without weighing hair down. Really.

Click through below to shop the best of the new mousses and to learn how to use 'em.


Big, pageant-ready hair in a bottle.

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