Rooney Mara Pets a Puppy, Smiles (!) in Her New Calvin Klein Downtown Mini-Movie

Rooney Mara has lots to be happy about—she was nominated for an Oscar last year, for one, and her upcoming flick Ain't Them Bodies Saints is already earning critical raves. Still, the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo star isn't exactly known for her ear-to-ear grins. But in her new video campaign for Calvin Klein's Downtown fragrance, for which she's the celeb face, the alabaster-complected actress looks downright cheerful!

Set to Yeah Yeah Yeahs' "Runaway," the David-Fincher-directed mini-movie sees Rooney giggling during a sudden downpour, cracking a smile alongside some children and even stopping to ooh and ahh over a tiny puppy. It's an out-of-character move for the usually-brooding brunette, but it's one we're happy to see!

Watch the film below.

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