10 Ways to Get a Soft Summer Glow

 The luminous, healthy-looking skin at the fall shows was less about full-on bronze and more about a warmish, subtle radiance. At Burberry, London artistic consultant Wendy Rowe created what she calls “the golden nude look,” applying Burberry’s powder luminizer all over the face and then sculpting cheekbones with four different shades of tawny blush/bronzer.

“People don’t want to look so tan now. They want to look fresh,” says Dior international makeup designer Violette. The way to get it, she says, often involves mixing several shades together: “It used to be you’d use a single color, putting it everywhere. Now we’re using bronzer to create shadow under cheekbones, then highlighter on top to catch the light.”

Makeup guru Bobbi Brown thinks the less bronzy, lightly sun-kissed look reflects the fact that sun and skincare habits have changed. “It wasn’t too long ago that women used SPF only at the beach. Now you can hardly find a daytime lotion without it,” she says. “We’ve adopted better skincare and, as a result, don’t feel like we need as much makeup to feel good!