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Click through for the 18 products a beauty lover's suitcase shouldn't be without.
Feel super fancy and clean even if you're staying in a roadside motel.
Everything you need to stay fresh, all vacation long.
Never waste precious space in your suitcase with bulky (but essential!) styling tools again.
Revives your skin after a long flight or a day spent in the hot sun.
Why is it that manicures chip so easily on vacation? Keep polish remover wipes and mini nail polish bottles on hand for touch-ups.
We don't typically use words like "cute" to describe a razor, but this one is pretty adorable.
So you spent all day at the beach and don't have time to shower before dinner? No one will ever know.
A quick fix for weird tan lines (or lack thereof).
Because your vacation should be breakout-free.
The holy grail of brushes, in pocket size.
Keep skin radiant and clear.

There's no need to leave your signature scent at home!


Arguably the most important item in your carry-on.
Avoid going over the TSA's 3.4 ounce limit by swapping liquid makeup remover for wipes.
Volume, shine, and detangling all in one kit.
Stains and wrinkles can really throw a wrench in your carefully calculated outfit plans.
So much cuter than plastic bags.