Master Class: 10 Rules for Creating Perfect Brows

L.A. makeup artist/brow expert Kristie Streicher (Julia Roberts and Rachel Weisz are thrilled clients) shares her 10 fool-proof rules for perfect brows:

1. “Don’t tweeze more than once every three to four weeks. This keeps brows from looking too thin.”

2. “Draw an invisible line straight up from the outer corner of your nose: Your brow should start here and end along a line from the corner of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. The highest part of your arch should line up just outside your pupil.”

3. “Shower first to open your pores, soften your skin and make tweezing easier. After, use aloe gel to prevent redness and bumps.”

4. “Pull hairs in the direction of growth, one by one, working in natural light.”

5. “Use a regular (not magnifying) mirror; otherwise you can end up with a hole. If you can’t see the hair in a regular mirror, neither can anyone else.”

6. “Don’t make the ends too thin, and feather them outward—this gives the eyes a bit of a lift.”

7. “Over-cutting brows can be as detrimental as over-tweezing. Brush brows straight up and trim hairs one at a time.”

8. “It’s a myth that you should never tweeze from the top. The truth is most people need to take a little off the top in order to get the perfect shape.”

9. “If you change your hair color, change your brows to match. Darkening brows adds fullness. Don’t dye them yourself—get it done at a salon.”

10. “Delicate features look best with thinner, more elegant brows. Thicker ones are perfect with stronger bone structure.”

Image: Piero Cristaldi

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