Beautiful Beach Hair Secrets From Five Roxy Surfers

Bruna Schmitz

"The challenge is to keep [my hair] hydrated; it's always dry and frizzy. I try to use different products when it comes to my hair, and I’m not shy to spend some money on it. I use Kerastase hair sunscreen and mask. I think it’s the best I’ve tried so far. I think hair sunscreen really works, but it will still get a little bleached. We can’t prevent that, but I don’t mind it since my hair is already blonde!"

Digital Writer

The type of effortless, beachy waves that come from a bottle of sea salt spray look nothing like hair after an actual day at the beach. For one, the effect of briny ocean water is often more tangled than tousled; even short swims mean you'll be spending some quality time with a deep conditioning treatment and fine-toothed comb. Combine that with the drying effect of UV rays and breakage caused by microscopic sand bits, and you've got some serious harm to repair. Really, it's almost reason enough to stick with public pools all season. Or at least to stay under your umbrella while wearing an extra-large hat.

But neither damaged hair, chlorine water nor floppy headgear is an option for the ladies on Roxy's pro surfer team, whose careers require both intense training in the ocean and constant photocalls. So how do they manage daily wave sessons without emergency visits to the salon every night? Click through the slideshow above to find out for yourself! (And then schedule yourself a beach visit before summer endsyou're going to have the best hair there!)


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