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Rosy Hodge
"Holy smokes, all of those elements dry my hair out like crazy! It also gets really knotty. [After a day at the beach] I love using Unite 7 Second Spray conditioner and Kerastase leave-in conditioner once I've rinsed my hair out—and a bit of macadamia oil. [If I don't have much time, I'll] spray in some leave-in conditioner, tie it in a bun and leave [my hair] to dry. Once it's dry, shake it out and it will be cute and wavy."
Bruna Schmitz
"The challenge is to keep [my hair] hydrated; it's always dry and frizzy. I try to use different products when it comes to my hair, and I’m not shy to spend some money on it. I use Kerastase hair sunscreen and mask. I think it’s the best I’ve tried so far. I think hair sunscreen really works, but it will still get a little bleached. We can’t prevent that, but I don’t mind it since my hair is already blonde!"
Kelia Moniz
"Salt water and direct sunlight definitely dries my hair out, bleaches it and adds natural highlights. My ends are constantly split and break off. The one product I can't go to the beach without is the It's a 10; I use the leave-in spray conditioner before and after surfing. I hate being in the water and having tangled locks, so applying before I get into the water makes my hair really soft and smooth. When I get out of the water I will either put more leave-in conditioner in, or use a simple serum like CHI to keep my hair from frizzing out when it dries. Also, I'll use a cream or serum to give my hair texture! Always a win for me."
Monyca Byrne-Wickey
"A braid is great, but make sure to pile on the leave-in [conditoner] first so it doesn't turn into a dreadlock in the water. Beforehand, it’s good to just get your hair wet with fresh water so the salt water won’t soak in. I prefer this method rather than a product that could leak into the ocean. After surfing, I like to use It’s a 10 leave-in conditioner because it detangles and moisturizes."
Kassia Meador
"After a shower, I love Kerastase serum. But if there's no time, I'll shake it out and leave it down to dry for a cute salty/piecey look. Or, if it’s way too tangled, I'll throw it up in a top knot."