Clear Skin Secrets From Five of SoulCycle's Finest

Charlee Atkins

SoulCycle Instructor, NYC

"Even if it's as simple as using a make-up remover, you've got to cleanse before and after classes. Your sweat pushes out bacteria, plus you put your hands on your face a lot more than you realize. It's a good idea to keep the face clean and happy! Make sure to keep the face clean with oil-free cleansers, followed by moisturizing. And keep smiling after the workout, it keeps your muscles and elastin in check!

For back to back classes I use Burts Bees face wipes because they have a bit of moisturizer in them. It's a good idea to wipe your chest and behind the neck/upper back too—a lot of sweat accumulates there while working out! And for classes that have space in between, I go through the same "cleansing ritual" of cleanser, and a healthy portion of moisturizer. The most important ingredient is adding face sunscreen. I use Aveeno because it's oil-free and face-specific. Dermologica also makes this great ultracalming mist that is very soothing to put on, and helps "coat" your face against all the gunk in the air. It's good to use it in the afternoon."

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Digital Writer

Mid-SoulCycle session last week, my focus wandered from making the most of our third round of grueling handle bar push-ups to the concealer, cream blush and matte power I was still wearing from work. Normally, I try to minimize clogged pores by washing everything off before hitting the studio, but coming from a late meeting that afternoon, I was forced to go straight from a frantic no-shame change in the co-ed locker area to my bike. As I mentally began to formalize a post-class damage control plan (quickly rinse off with the complimentary Clean & Clear, and then hit up a nearby Sephora for potent anti-acne samples), my gaze settled on our instructor's face. Even more sweaty than mine, it was completely luminous, blemish-free and Neutrogena-commercial-worthy. Then it struck me: I've never seen a single professional SoulCycler with acne spots, like...ever. And some of them teach several hours worth of classes a day!

Because my complexion is the kind that breaks out in even the best conditions, I was very intrigued to learn more about whatever Jedi-level beauty secrets SoulCycle's spin masters use to combat constant perspiration. Fortunately, the five of the studio's most in-demand trainers, Charlee Atkins, Jenny Gaither, Angela Davis, Lauren Bruker and Laurie Cole were kind enough to share their best tips. Click through the slideshow above to for the products and routines that they swear by. (And visit to sign up for a class, because these ladies might have good skincare and makeup advice, but they have even better skills on a bike!)


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