Nail Art Isn't Dead—Deborah Lippmann Told Us So

Deborah Lippmann's Fall Nail Trend Predictions

"Texture is number one, whether it’s a chunky holographic glitter, a matte finish or layering. I really like a matte finish, and think that it is going to be a huge trend for fall and winter. It’s a really simple alternative to a shiny nail, and an easy way to make polish look and feel different and edgy. It can also be very chic depending on the color."

Assistant Digital Producer

It's difficult to remember a time when a classic French manicure was considered nail art and bright green, blue and orange polish hues were reserved for kids. While the opposite has become true in recent seasons, with the current rise in popularity of neutral hues and the reports that nail polish sales are losing steam, it's clear that some are beginning to feel nostalgic for the simpler days.

This seems to be the case in the Lucky offices, at least. Last month, we debated whether nail art has finally reached its saturation point, and the general consensus was that, yes, the trend is getting tired.

But personally? I'm not over it just yet. Though I've never been super into the out-of-this-world 3D creations, I'm not quite ready to give up my punchy colors, glitter accent nails and my occasional themed designs. For some reassurance, I sought out the opinion of Deborah Lippmann, founder and creative director of the eponymous beauty line. Here's what she had to say about the future of nail art:

"I think nail art is still big, and it’s such a fun way to express yourself. We haven’t seen the end of it. I also think that we’re going to continue to see texture in different ways. In general, things are becoming more acceptable when it comes to nails. We are becoming more adventurous with our nails, and realize that it’s about having fun and not taking it so seriously. I think that it’s an ever-evolving industry, and we’ll continue to see texture in new, bolder ways.

Nude was a big trend for spring as we saw on the runway, but it’s a stronger look with opaque nudes—not sheer pinks. I think that we’ll continue to see both. We used to only want pretty nails, but what is considered acceptable on the nail has changed so much that the sky is the limit.

Nail polish is not a huge commitment, we can take it off and put another one on the next day. It’s not a hair color change, and you’re not making a drastic mistake if you put something on. It just makes you happy. It’s about making a fun statement and using nail color as an accessory."

I couldn't agree more! Click through above for Lippmann's fall nail trend predictions.


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