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Deborah Lippmann's Fall Nail Trend Predictions
"Texture is number one, whether it’s a chunky holographic glitter, a matte finish or layering. I really like a matte finish, and think that it is going to be a huge trend for fall and winter. It’s a really simple alternative to a shiny nail, and an easy way to make polish look and feel different and edgy. It can also be very chic depending on the color."
"In terms of color, I think that we’re really going to start seeing green in the fall, and a lot of deep navy. Navy is beautiful, it’s so different from a black. It has a beautiful richness, whereas black has more of an edge."
"I love jewelry and am always inspired by beautiful jewel tones, especially for fall. My new Jewel Heist collection includes luxurious hues of gold, emerald and sapphire – it’s like wearing jewelry on your nails, but you can do it yourself."