Your Comprehensive Guide to Using Makeup Brushes Like a Pro

"I like my Kashuk Tools Blusher Brush for applying powder blush because it’s domed and fluffy, and feels soft and luxurious on the skin. Lighter brushes are always better for the initial blush application because it’s easier to add more color than take it away. You never want striping or lines, so an airy, domed brush makes application more seamless. Apply in a circular motion to control the movement and overall application. In a pinch, you can also use this for your powder too!"

Assistant Digital Producer

I own a coffee mug full of makeup brushes. Some are short and squat with pillowy bristles. Some are tall and sleek with angled fibers. Others are somewhere in between. But all of them, for the most part, are collecting dust.

I was never a star art student. Brushes have always intimidated me, so as a kid, finger painting was more my speed. Embarrassingly enough, I still employ that practice today when doing my makeup.

Despite my hesitation, I know my beauty look could be greatly improved if I finally learned how to use the correct tools, so I turned to makeup artist and brush wizard Sonia Kashuk for a crash course.