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Sonia's Essentials

"My must-have makeup brushes are my Pointed Blending Brush, Blusher Brush, Spoolie, Pointed Foundation Brush, Angled Crease Brush and Smudge Brush. With these tools you can achieve any look!"

Click through to learn what each is meant for, techniques for use and more pro tips and tricks!

"I like my Kashuk Tools Blusher Brush for applying powder blush because it’s domed and fluffy, and feels soft and luxurious on the skin. Lighter brushes are always better for the initial blush application because it’s easier to add more color than take it away. You never want striping or lines, so an airy, domed brush makes application more seamless. Apply in a circular motion to control the movement and overall application. In a pinch, you can also use this for your powder too!"
"My Core Tools Pointed Blending Brush is one of my favorite tools because it offers a sheer application that’s perfect for a light dusting of shadow over the eye. It also has a tapered tip that’s great for applying powder to specific areas."
"I always carry a Core Tools Smudge Brush to add definition to the eye area. The Smudge Brush is great for blending pencil or gel liner, and can create a softer smoky eye.  Use the brush to soften color, avoiding a look that is too deep or harsh or tightly line the eyes at the upper or lower lashline."
"Another must-have is my Core Tools Pointed Foundation Brush. I like a more domed-shaped brush for foundation because it helps alleviate streaks, evenly buffs foundation and concealer into the skin, and is perfect for targeting specific hard to reach areas. Rather than wiping the brush back and forth, tap the brush on the skin then blend the foundation for more controlled application and adherence to the skin. Apply a sheer, thin layer of foundation, then build in areas where necessary. Always be sure to keep application as sheer as possible in the under-eye area."
"My Kashuk Tools Angled Crease Brush is my go-to for creating depth in the crease. The angled shape easily guides the brush along the shape of the crease for foolproof application."
"For brows, I like to use the Core Tools Spoolie from my Core Brush Collection. I prefer to use a spoolie because it latches to the brow hair for better control. When brushing the brows, follow the growth of the hair and natural contour of the brow line. The motion should go up and out towards the hairline, with the spoolie slightly bent."
The Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Brushes
"Natural hair brushes work best with powders while synthetics are ideal for liquids and creams."
Why You Shouldn't Apply Makeup With Your Hands
"[Using a brush] gives a whole different application: your finger has oils on it that can interfere plus you will never achieve a blended flawless application with your finger."
How to Apply Evenly Using a Brush
"Dab lightly and build slowly. Don’t overload your brushes with product—start soft and add as needed. And always keep a clean blending brush on hand to go over color and buff out any harsh lines."
How to Clean Your Brushes and How Often You Should Do It

"The main trick with cleaning your makeup brushes is to be sure you are washing them often and that they lay down flat to dry—never leave them standing up when wet.

Makeup tools should be washed weekly, with the exception of brushes or tools that touch the eyes, which should be washed more frequently. I like to wash my synthetic brushes immediately after use so that when I go back to use it the next day they are dry and ready to go.

I use my Brush and Sponge Cleanser to wash my brushes, which is formulated to help destroy bacteria. Just run your brush or sponge under water to get it wet, spray on some of the cleanser and work it into lather, massaging the bristles thoroughly. Rinse under water and repeat again if necessary.  Lay them flat to dry overnight."

"My mantra is to always use a specific brush for the size area you are working on. So think small brush at the lash line, a larger brush for all over the lid. And I always say you can’t do a great face of makeup without great brushes."