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Mascara: The Do’s and Don’t’s

"A lash conditioning primer can promote strong, thicker and fuller lashes. Try to stay away from using waterproof mascara every day, it can cause the lashes to become dry and brittle. Using a lash enhancing serum, like neuLASH, daily to help lashes grow longer and stronger can really add volume to your lashes and help with hair loss or thinning hair."— Nordstrom Beauty Stylist, Sarah Zaret

"Using a comb to comb through your lashes will separate them and make them look pretty rather than clumpy."—Jamie Greenberg, mark Celebrity Makeup Artist

Mascara: You Don't Have to Go Prestige
“One of my absolute favorites is L'Oreal's Voluminous Million Lashes. Beyond the fact that the brush will find lashes you didn't know you had, the blackest black shade is never matte even when completely dry.”— CVS/pharmacy Beauty Board Expert, Mickey Williams
Liquid Eyeliner: The Beginner’s Guide
“I love Physicians Formula Eye Booster 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner + Serum for a liquid liner for beginners. The super thin built-in brush makes application as easy as using a marker. Draw in the groove where the lash line and the eyelid meet. Take that line into an upward swoop, make it thicker for a little drama, then connect the bottom line in the same upward fashion.” — CVS/pharmacy Beauty Board Expert, Mickey Williams
Liquid Eyeliner: Apply in Two Sections or Connect the Dots

“I find it easiest to do it in two sections: From the inner corner to the middle and then from the outer corner to meet the middle.” —Melissa Silver, Maybelline New York makeup artist

“Dot along the lash line from the inner corners of the eye outward and connect the dots. This is ten times easier than trying to draw a perfect straight line and won’t get messy!”— Nordstrom Beauty Stylist, Sarah Zaret

Eyeliner: The Perfect Angle
"When you look in the mirror, tilt your head and chin up while looking down with your eyes, this gives you the perfect angle to easily apply liner."—Carol Shaw, founder of LORAC Cosmetics
Eyeliner: Fake Fuller Lashes
“Liner close to your lash line makes your lashes look thicker by giving the illusion of a more intense root.” —Melissa Silver, Maybelline New York makeup artist
Eyeliner: How to Wear Colors in a Subtle Way

"A pop of colored eyeliner is a great way to freshen up your eye makeup and still look natural. I love a smudge of navy, plum or aquamarine eyeliner along top and bottom lash lines."—Carol Shaw, founder of LORAC Cosmetics

“If you're looking to wear this trend as more of an accent rather than a statement, go bare naked or sheer/shimmered flesh tones with your shadow. If the liner is too bright against your skin tone, take a small chisel fluff brush or an old lip brush and dip into a slightly lighter eye shadow in the same hue. Buff the shadow into the outer edges of the line so no stark line exists. Make sure to leave the line intense next to the lash line. Now you have a more blended, soft-focus look to your liner.” — CVS/pharmacy Beauty Board Expert, Mickey Williams

False Lashes: The Beginner’s Guide

“Place the lashes on the lash line to measure the length to see if you need to trim them. If you do, trim the inner corner rather than the outer corner. Put a small amount of glue along the strip, give it a little shake so it gets tacky, then applyuse the back end of a small makeup brush to nestle the strip into your lash line to avoid having space between the false lashes and your own. Use some black liner to fill in any gaps!”—Melissa Silver, Maybelline New York makeup artist

“Apply all your eye makeup first. Lashes should be the last thing you apply. Make sure the width of the lash fits your eye. If it is too wide, trim the outer part of the false lash to make it fit. Bend the lash around your ring finger. This will keep it from lifting on either end once applied. Use a dark tone glue. It will look like eyeliner and make the lashes look more natural.” — Nordstrom Beauty Stylist, Sarah Zaret

False Lashes: Choose Individual Lashes For a Natural Look
"I like to use the individual lashes, they look more natural but still dramatic. Use clear or dark tone eyelash glue and try to place them as close to the root as possible."—Carol Shaw, founder of LORAC Cosmetics
False Lashes: Remove Them in the Shower
“I prefer to take my lashes off in the shower or after applying a warm towel to my face. It softens the skin and creates an easier removal from the grip of the rubbery glue.” — CVS/pharmacy Beauty Board Expert, Mickey Williams
Smoky Eye: Smudging is Key
"To create a perfect smoky eye is not as difficult as one might think. Smudging is the key, so don’t over think it. Choose a dark kohl liner and tight line your eyes. This means applying the liner to the line right inside the eyelid. Next grab a cream shadow stick in a deep shade that will bring out your eye color! These are great for creating a smoky eye and easy too! Smudge the shadow stick along the lashes on the top and bottom until there are no hard edges. Finally, choose a really black mascara that adds volume, I recommend the Dior Show Blackout, this will add depth and intensity helping to create the perfect smoky eye!"— Nordstrom Beauty Stylist, Sarah Zaret
Smoky Eye: Start From the Top
"The important thing to remember when you do a smoky eye—no matter what the color is—that the darkest should be at the bottom and root of the eye. I like to start from the top of the eye going down. Use the lightest color under the brow bone to give the appearance of length in the eye area. Next take the medium color and blend it into the crease of the eye and take it a bit higher. Now take a dark color (but not the darkest) and blend a little lower than the crease and on the lid of the eye. Now take the absolute darkest and blend into the corner of the eye to create depth. Now fill in the lash line with black and line the eye with black."—Jamie Greenberg, mark Celebrity Makeup Artist
Eye Shadow: How to Bring Out Your Eye Color

“If you have blue eyes, look for reddish brown shades or coppers to make blue eyes bolder. For green eyes, try any earth-toned shade. Plums or lilacs will brighten your green. Brown eyes look great with charcoals and deep browns.” — CVS/pharmacy Beauty Board Expert, Mickey Williams


Eye Shadow: The Daytime Look That Works For Everyone
“You can't go wrong with a neutral champagne tone all over the eye, some chocolaty bronze on the lid and soft brown liner with plenty of mascara.”—Melissa Silver, Maybelline New York makeup artist
Wide Awake Eyes: How to Conceal Dark Circles

“Use a concealer with yellow undertones to neutralize redness or a concealer with peach undertones works great on olive skin tones to neutralize under eye blue shadows. I use my finger to blend for a natural-looking finish.”—Carol Shaw, founder of LORAC Cosmetics

"Use a formula that's not too dry or too wet. Everyone's skin is different so you have to find the kind that works with your body chemistry. When it's too dry you can see it all over your under eye area and it starts to flake. When it's too creamy it sits in the eye crease. Find a perfect blend for your skin type and then dab it on with your weakest finger."—Jamie Greenberg, mark Celebrity Makeup Artist

Wide Awake Eyes: Brighten With a Highlighter
“A bright highlight under the brow and on the inner corner gives them a wide awake look.” —Melissa Silver, Maybelline New York makeup artist
Wide Awake Eyes: Give Them a Jolt of Caffeine
“Use an eye treatment with caffeine in it for dark circles. These really do work. They help to brighten and eliminate the darkness by stimulating the blood flow around the eye.”— Nordstrom Beauty Stylist, Sarah Zaret
Makeup Remover: How to Avoid Irritation

"Bio Derma is the best makeup remover! I have loved other ones but slowly find someone reacts badly too for the past 3 years no one has had a reaction to Bio Derma."—Jamie Greenberg, mark Celebrity Makeup Artist
“I am always worried to use anything around the eyes, much less anything too harsh. I like the new eye makeup remover pads from Simple. If the makeup is really troublesome to remove, I will use Embryolisse 24 Hour Cream with a cotton swab or Grape Seed Oil.”— CVS/pharmacy Beauty Board Expert, Mickey Williams


Makeup Remover: The All in One
“My favorite eye makeup remover is True Lash by Kate Somerville. It not only removes make up without the struggle, it also conditions, strengthens and fortifies the lash. If you’re in a pinch and run out of eye cream, this no rinse eye make up remover doubles as an anti-aging moisturizer for your eyes, score!!!  It’s a great bang for your buck!”— Nordstrom Beauty Stylist, Sarah Zaret