Five Reasons Powder Sunscreen Is Totally Worth Trying

Do you know those infomercials that make mundane, relatively effortless tasks look like a struggle? That's what came to mind when I was first introduced to powder sunscreen. I can picture it now: a distressed woman on the beach covered in greasy goop. She hastily tries to blend in the thick, white substance to no avail. Defeated, she looks up longingly at her smiling friends across the sand who are already in the water, all because they used powder sunscreen.

Seems gimmicky, right? But then I actually tried it. And I quickly came to realize that it's not, in fact, a product created to coax lazy beach bums into dropping money on a fancy, buzzy type of SPF. As it turns out, powder sunscreen is quite useful. Here's why.

You can travel with it without worrying about TSA regulations or that it will spill and ruin all of your clothes.

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