Want a Flawless Complexion? Pick a Color!


Corrects Dullness

Assistant Digital Producer

Let's say you wake up with a blemish or dark undereye circles. Your first reaction would likely be to reach for the concealer. But caked on makeup is not a good look for anyone. It draws more attention to the problem area and by the end of the day the excess makeup always ends of flaking or smearing off anyway.

A better solution? Color correcting primers.

Now, I've always been skeptical of primers. Like, are they really necessary or are they just a gimmick created by the beauty industry to get consumers to spend more money? But color correcting primers are a total game-changer.

They come in various tinted hues that are each formulated to target a specific complexion concern. Choose the shade that best addresses your immediate concern and smooth on before applying foundation. You'll leave the house with even, airbrushed yet natural-looking skin, without feeling like you're wearing pounds of makeup.

Above, I've decoded each color and what to use it for. Pro tip: Jenna Menard, Clinique Global Colour Artist, recommends using just one tinted primer at a time. Your foundation will do the rest of the work.


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