Deborah Lippmann's Latest Nail Polish Collection Is Wickedly Good

Here I am looking overly excited and slightly stunned on the Wicked stage with cast member Lindsay Mendez (Elphaba), Deborah Lippmann, and cast member Tiffany Haas (Glinda).

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Assistant Digital Producer

Not so long ago, before I went to college to study journalism and before I then became a beauty writer, I was a total theater geek. Instead of obsessing over street style stars, I idolized Broadway divas. Instead of asking for clothes and makeup as gifts, I requested show tickets.

So, when I learned that Deborah Lippmann was creating a collection inspired by Wicked the musical, I kind of freaked out. It's like a dream meeting of my two worlds.

The limited edition line—available on now—commemorates the musical's 10th year on Broadway and features three shades fit for an Ozian: a shimmery pink, a Wicked Witch-y green and an emerald glitter.

Last month, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the polishes backstage at Wicked with Deborah Lippmann herself. Doing the collection, Lippmann told me, was a no-brainer. I knew she was a music buff (Lippmann boasts three albums of her own and names each of her polishes after a song.), but it turns out she's a big theater enthusiast as well, and has seen Wicked nearly 10 times.

Click through above to check out the nail colors for yourself, and trust me—even if you're not a super cool musical theater lover like myself and Lippmann, you'll still freak for these colors. After all, emerald is the Pantone Color of the Year.



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