27 Salons and Stylists Lucky Editors Swear By


"A few years ago my good friend Lauren Remington Platt started a company, Vensette, that sends hair & makeup pros directly to your door (well, anywhere in NYC), which I think is pretty genius. I mean, yes, it's glamorous and great for special occasions, but it's also a ridiculously convenient godsend for really busy New Yorkers. You don't have to haul yourself to a nail salon or blow out bar and have that stuff feel like another errand you have to take care of before an event, losing a good chunk of time in the shuffle. Instead you can just get ready at home or the office or your best friend's apartment, wherever you'd be anyway, and they bring you these mini bottles of champagne and it just feels fun. (Plus I love that the booking system is entirely online, which is definitely how I prefer to book everything. Who wants to wait on the phone anymore?)" - Natalie Matthews, digital fashion writer

 Steve Eichner for WWD


Whether you're searching for an extra-tough manicure that never needs touch-ups, or sunkissed hightlights rivaled only by Gisele's, our editors know the very best people and places to visit. For their go-to beauty gurus, click through the slideshow above.


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