Our Editor-in-Chief's Favorite Drugstore Beauty Products

Aveeno Spray-On Sunscreen

"Whenever I go on vacation I always take this with me. Aveeno's wonderful, and the spray-on applicator is genius. I use it to chase after my family and friends who are averse to sunscreen, getting each and every one of them covered."

Digital Fashion Writer

As much as our editor-in-chief, Eva Chen, loves a fancy $50 beauty product—because who doesn't?—she's also all about a $5 tube of CVS amazing-ness. Above, some of her favorite drugstore beauty finds to date: toss them in your cart during your next toilet paper-and-toothpaste run, and you might end up loving them more than your highbrow, ate-all-your-play-money products. They're just that good.


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