Fall Beauty Bucket List: Nine Products You Have to Try

The easiest way to update your look this fall is by replacing an everyday matte shadow with a metallic one.

I'm especially into Stila's versatile Foil Finish line. Each color comes with a primer that creates an added intensity when mixed with the shadow.

Assistant Digital Producer

Being a beauty product junkie has its perks. Like, I have an entire drawer full of lipsticks, each one a different shade of red, pink, purple or orange. So no matter what the time of year, the occasion, or my outfit choice, I've always got the perfect one.

But it can be stressful, too. Every time I hear of a buzzy "miracle" skin cream or see a nail polish in a new seasonal hue, I feel compelled to try it, which, embarrassingly enough, gets overwhelming.

As a solution, this fall I'm focusing my energies on just the new launches above. It's a manageable list, though completely diverse—and it only contains the products I'm particularly psyched about. Which ones will you try?


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