Beauty Looks That'll Get You Photographed at Fashion Week

Matchy Matchy

Usually, I'd advise to contrast your makeup with your outfit. So like, if you're wearing jeans and a tee, choose a purple lipstick; if you're wearing a neon fur coat, keep the face totally neutral.

But fashion week is a different game. Try committing to one theme from head to toe. You'll seem dramatic and slightly kooky—total street style star material.

Leigh Lezark, Getty Images

Assistant Digital Producer

Last winter, I bought a really ugly bomber jacket. It's got shiny black fabric with a metallic purple ethnic print and glittery yellow stripes on the sleeves and collar. I think it's cool, but my non-fashion industry working friends are embarrassed to be seen with me when I'm wearing it. So in an effort to prove to them that my style sense isn't completely off-base, I wore it to New York Fashion Week with the hopes of being snapped by a street style photographer.

While waiting to enter my first show of the day on a snowy sidewalk, I was approached by one camera-toting blogger and then another, and then a whole group! I gave an awkwardly closed-mouth smile (I had to play it cool) and then texted all of the jacket's naysayers to brag.

But you don't have to wear a heinous-looking jacket to get noticed. Getting photographed can be as simple as wearing a really great lipstick. Click through above for hair and makeup ideas that are sure help you on your ascent to becoming a bona fide street style star, just like the ladies who inspired them.


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