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A Standout Lip Color

A bold lip always draws attention. Choose a color and make it your signature so you'll become more recognizable to photographers.

We'd go for a fiery hue like Revlon's Rich Girl Red. Just add some killer sunglasses and a peachy blush.

The Smokier, The Better
Layer on way more black eyeliner than you think is necessary and smudge it all up. You'll be mistaken for a mysterious French girl who probably works for a super-cool underground glossy that no one in New York has heard of...yet.
One Word: Braids
And not just any old braid—learn how to do a really cool, unique one. Not only will your head undoubtedly become the feature of multiple how-to blog posts on the web, but your hair will also stay in place all day long.
Matchy Matchy

Usually, I'd advise to contrast your makeup with your outfit. So like, if you're wearing jeans and a tee, choose a purple lipstick; if you're wearing a neon fur coat, keep the face totally neutral.

But fashion week is a different game. Try committing to one theme from head to toe. You'll seem dramatic and slightly kooky—total street style star material.