How to Combat Under-Eye Circles


The following is a guest post form our friends at The Beauty Department.

I know we refer to art class a lot, but makeup is an art form where color theory really does apply. Like with dark circles, which are probably a little purple and a little blueish: you're going to need something more orange and yellow-y than you think to erase them. (On the color wheel, orange and blue are across from each other and yellow and purple are across from each other, which means they cancel each other out. Get it?) 

So if your everyday concealer is a little more salmon-y or pinky in its base, you might want to switch to something that seems sorta yellowy on your worst undereye circle days. Maybe it looks too yellowy in the bottle, but on your face, it'll work wonders—just try it! It's science. Or, er, color theory. For the complete guide to applying undereye concealer and our favorite orange-yellowy ones, check out


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