It’s all France, all the time this month for beauty editor JEAN GODFREY-JUNE.

The Tuileries Garden and platefuls of wild strawberries!

    Don’t you want to have a Chanel weekend? I had one: I went to Paris over the weekend to see the Coco Chanel exhibit at the chic Palais de Tokyo. I learned, among other things, that Chanel glamorously and savagely threatened Stravinsky’s marriage, that she persuaded Salvador Dalí to make a special, very Dalí label for Chanel No 5, that Picasso drew her portrait and that she generally led one of the more fabulous, artist-and-composer-packed alterna-lifestyles ever.
    I partied with—well, partied in the vicinity of—Vanessa Paradis and Audrey Tautou, I ate mountains of tiny wild strawberries and I bathed in Chanel No 5. (The tub was one of those fantastic long ones where your toes don’t reach the end.)
    Of course, I brought this bottle of anti­aging flash treatment. The idea is, you’ve got your regular routine, then on the weekend you intensify your efforts with this rose-water-infused, time-release glycolic-acid fluid, which both moisturizes and exfoliates. And though I flew to Paris and back in under 36 hours, my skin was smooth and un-jet-lagged, with zero evidence of having partied with soigné French movie stars.
    Coco Chanel had only Chanel weekends. We owe it to ourselves to have at least several.