Lipstick Trends Through The Decades: A Colorful Walk Down Memory Lane

From wartime reds to disco-era brights, click through to shop the lip colors that defined the decades from the 1920s on.

via Sephora

Associate Beauty Producer

I bought my first big-girl lipstick during college. I was perusing the cosmetics floor at Bloomingdale's when a sales associate at the Chanel counter convinced me I had the perfect complexion for red lipstick. I had never really thought about wearing lipstick before. To me, it seemed like a chore and symbolized the working world—a world I was not ready to be a part of just yet. But after agreeing to sit in her chair and test out some options, I quickly understood its appeal. I walked away with a golden tube that cost way more than a broke student could afford, but it's a purchase I wouldn't regret.

Lipstick quickly became my "thing." I liked how it could instantly make me feel grown-up, sexy, badass, put-together—or all of the above, all at once. Perhaps this power is why lipstick has remained relevant and, as evidenced above, culturally significant throughout every decade since its rise to popularity among the masses in the 1920s.

Let's take a colorful journey down memory lane, shall we?


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