The Celeb-Packed Fashion Dinner that Rocked My World

Executive Beauty Director

We dragged our feet down West Broadway; it was a Sunday night, post-day-of-shows. Our overshod feet looked good but felt…weary. But we stepped inside the Odeon, where MAC was throwing a party honoring deceased fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez (they have a fabulous collaboration going with his work, their makeup—gorgeous, buy immediately!) and we forgot instantly about any shoe trouble. The glamour was blazing from every corner: Pat Cleveland and Marisa Berenson presided over one of the more eclectic crowds ever. Joey Arias sang beautifully, and hurled insults with brilliant abandon; Sofia Coppola and Thomas Mars chatted with Marisa B. and Iris Apfel; Kelly Osbourne canoodled with her boyfriend, Kelly Bensimon and Alina Cho talked Hamptons...I felt like I was in the middle of a movie. That the movie came with a delicious shallow bowl of vegetables and perfectly cooked chicken was just...icing on the warm bread custard.

I sat next to the wildly glamorous Jane Larkworthy, who shamed me with the
amazingness of her brilliant orange jumpsuit (orange is TOTALLY the new
black) and made me choke with laughter all night.

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