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Chapped lips can really ruin your whole day, you know?
If I had a penny for every bobby pin or hair tie that's mysteriously disappeared on me, well, I'd have a whole lot of pennies.
For those days when zits are just like, "Surprise!"
C'mon, everyone has had that moment when you're sitting at your desk and you think, "What's that smell?" And then you realize it's you...
Going straight from the office to your evening plans? Swipe on some red lipstick and call it a day.
Because after three cups of coffee, you could stand to freshen up.
Chipped nails are never a good look.
Dab a yellow or peach-toned concealer under your eyes to look bright and awake even if you've been staring at a computer for eight hours.
A luxe, delicious smelling hand cream is a the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up. It's the little things.