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Go For a Shock of Color
I wore hot pink lipstick all summer, so in this fall, I'll be reaching for darker, moodier shades.
Play Up Your Brows

Just a few swipes of this brush-on fiber gel will take you into Cara Delevingne territory.


Use a contouring brush and some bronzer to define and highlight to enhance different areas of your face.
Experiment With Eyeliner

Give your eye a totally new shape. If you usually draw precise lines, start smudging. If you gravitate toward a smoky eye, try a cleaner look. Branch out from black and brown to intensify the appearance of your eye color.

Eyeliner is some powerful stuff!

Switch Up Your Part

I'm pretty sure my hair is glued to the left side of my head. I can't even imagine myself with a middle part, which seems like maybe the perfect reason to try it.

The best way to start fresh is by using a Mason Pearson brush. It will give your hair the movement it needs to go against your natural part.