Less: So Much Prettier!

Executive Beauty Director 


It is perhaps unsurprising that I, perennially messy-haired, am super-loving the 2nd-or-3rd-day hair trend, especially gorgeous at Thakoon because the clothes and makeup had an equally breezy exquisiteness. "Just NARS mascara on the top lashes," smiled a tawny-looking Diane Kendal. She smudged 3 matte NARS Multiples that won't be out 'til spring—two great pinks and a bronze—here and there, and that was it. Simplicity always so pretty (especially when a NARS-wielding Diane Kendal is doing your makeup!), and the clothes were also simple and airily pretty: cotton shirts and skirts edged in diamonds, lace cutouts and a pair of shiny satin navy pants that totally have my name written all over them!!


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