The Minimalist Manicure You Need To Try Now

After the nails are dry, use a small nail art brush to paint a vertical line of JINsoon Obsidian down the middle finger. Repeat the same step on the pointer and ring fingers, but with horizontal lines.

Digital Writer

Backstage at Tibi last Saturday, I was immediately attracted to the minimalist black and white designs painted on all the models' fingertips, courtesy of the polish masters at JINsoon. After several seasons of seeing crazy nail art upon even crazier nail art, such simplicity felt like cool breath of fresh air.

After accosting a few girls for some Instagram pictures (yep, I took this one!), I stopped by the manicure station for the scoop. As it turns out, the look was more than just a cool aesthetic choice—the clean design was inspired by nomadic Americans in the 1920s; each black line comes from the universal traveler symbol "all right." For such an involved backstory, however, the look is incredibly each to recreate at home. Click through the slideshow above for an easy how-to.


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