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Seyfried looking fresh and gorgeous in her favorite plum lip shade.
Sleep a lot
“And I never go to bed without washing my face  and putting on this silky Clé de Peau cream.”
Indulgences are essential
“TV! A bagel with cream cheese! Sudoku! Sugar!”
Perfume is always charming
“I put on Very Irrésistible and I instantly feel confident and more mature. It doesn’t matter what I’m wearing—I know it’s going to work.”
A plum lip always works
“If it’s sheer, I love it. This one is the ultimate.”
White eyeliner is a miracle
“I use it on the inside of my bottom lids and it makes my eyes look so much brighter.”
Don’t wash your hair every day
“Dry shampoo is really helpful—especially Kevin Murphy’s!”
“I love capturing funny moments on my Instagram, @mingey.”