12 Fancy Beauty Products For the Medicine Cabinet of Your Dreams

If money were no object, we'd fill our medicine cabinets with these luxecreams and cosmetics.

Assistant Digital Producer

As opposed to fashion, beauty is generally more attainable for the masses. While you might not be able to afford a Chanel handbag, I'll bet you could scrounge up the $34 for a Chanel lipstick. But like fashion, just because a product is more expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's better. It's difficult to justify spending say, $42 on a prestige mascara when there are so many tried-and-true $8 options out there that will likely create a similar effect.

But let's say—just for fun—that you lived in an alternate universe where money was of no object and you could stock your medicine cabinet with whatever makeup, hair or skincare products you desired. Here are the super-fancy (many of them French-sounding, all of them outrageously expensive) creams and cosmetics I'd advise you to pick up in bulk.


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