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If money were no object, we'd fill our medicine cabinets with these luxecreams and cosmetics.

A good red lipstick can really elevate your look and your mood. This one makes you feel on top of the world.
Chanel in the morning, Chanel in the evening and Chanel on the weekend? Duh.
The holy grail of hairbrushes, no less.
Like I mentioned below, an $8 version might be just as good...but that's irrelevant.
Body washes are so juvenile.
I mean…a more luxe-looking eye shadow palette just doesn't exist.
Why would you want to smell like someone who could only afford a $100 fragrance? Ha!
Feels like the finest silk on your skin.
Because obviously.
Imported from Italy, just like your shoe collection.
For those rare occasions when you actually wash your hair yourself.
It simply wouldn't be a dream medicine cabinet without a product containing the word "caviar" in its name, am I right?!