How to Find the Perfect Haircut For Your Personal Style

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For the first time in six years, I decided to cut my hair.  Of course I've gotten plenty of trims, but nothing that actually altered my long, layered, flat-ironed, nondescript style. However, when you're presented with the chance to get your hair done at a Warren Tricomi Salon by a stylist who's worked with the likes of Alexa Chung, Jennifer Lawrence and Claudia Schiffer, you don't just get a trim. So two weeks ago, I walked into the salon's newest location in New York's Flatiron District ready and eager for a change.

For inspiration, I brought with me photos of several celebrities: Alexa Chung, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston, all with different variations of trendy, choppy bobs. Upon my arrival, I could feel my stylist, Paul Merritt, studying me. As I explained my vision and my unadventurous history with haircuts, he was taking in not just my hair, but my clothes, my nose ring and my personality as well. My current hairstyle, he determined, was all wrong. It didn't fit with the rest of my look. It was too prissy, too… (gasp!) mom-like. Take Alexa Chung, he said, her hair is part of her "brand" as a whole, and mine, in just an hour's time, would be too.

Later that week over the phone, I spoke to the salon's co-founder and hair legend Edward Tricomi to talk about fall trends. What are the hot, most-requested celebrity hairstyles this season, I wondered? After noting Miley Cyrus' transformation and the revival of the sophisticated, 1950s Sophia Loren-type look, Tricomi was quick to emphasize that "gone are the days of 'one size fits all.'" Yes, he explained, you can use an image of a famous person to form an idea, but then, regardless of the trends you have to morph that idea into a look that's best for you at that particular point in time. In agreement with Paul Merritt's point of view, Tricomi stressed that your hair should be just as much a part of your own, unique personal style as your clothes and your makeup.

I must confess, I'm still getting used to my new Chung-inspired, yet Ferguson (that's me!)-original crop, but I do feel like less of a reflection of the world around me and more of a reflection of myself. It feels right.

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