The honey they use is called Mille Fleurs—the bees find said mille fleurs on estates in Provence, comme ça, ici!

Provence: Chris Baker for Fresh.

The belief that the crazy face mask is going to transform your skin is virtually impossible to shake. I know this because I try this one, and I try that one, and though they feel fantastic, though I love the ritual, though I scrub or peel them off or rinse them glamorously away, the same me stares back in the mirror afterward. And yet: I see a new one, bring it home to try and wait—perennially thrilled anew—for the magic to happen.

After years of countless trials, the magic has … happened. I smoothed on this mask with less-high-than-usual expectations: Honey is antibacterial, antiviral and moisturizing, but I certainly never thought of it as antiaging or skin-transforming.

The mask smelled incredibly good. As in, worth putting on just for the scent. I cannot lie and say that I did not taste it—it is also delicious. Miraculously, it also feels amazing—not sticky—though it smells and tastes like pure honey.

Most miraculously, I woke up the next morning with visibly better skin: plumper, clearer, glowier. Younger, fresher, firmer. As in, so transformative it was kind of hard to believe.

Fresh Crème Ancienne Ultimate Nourishing Honey Mask, $130,

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