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A shot of Cutler Salon in New York City, where I had my appointment. Click through to see how it all went down.
Right after I arrived, David sat me down and asked some pointed questions about my life: "Who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you like to do for fun?" At first I didn't really understand why revealing my hectic schedule or love of SoulCycle made a difference, but things made more sense when he suggested a wash-and-go cut with a low-maintenance color.
"I really wanted to dig into your lifestyle and create something specific for you," he told me later. "This was customized to being floppy and wash-and-wear, something that's easy for running around. You'll get longevity out of this style."
To avoid a harsh root when my hair starts to grow out, we used demi-permanent dye, which slowly lightens over time. The best way to keep it from fading too fast, though, is to skip washing it for a few days so it can "set." After that, always use shampoo intended for color-treated hair or one that's sulfate-free. (David recommends Pureology products and Redken's Color Extend line because "they're gentle enough to slow down the inevitable fading process.")
While I was resistant to staying a brunette at first, the color's actually a huge trend this fall. If you're interested in trying a brown hue, David suggests doing some celebrity photo research online before visiting your salon. Selena Gomez and Kate Graham are good names to Google—their shades have been especially popular lately. Also, if you'd like to test-drive the look without committing, stop by your local wig store to see what flatters your skin tone.
After washing out the first dye process, David bleached a few choice strands around my face. These would look especially nice, he said, falling out of a messy bun or ponytail.
As I admired my new style, David told me I should cut back on washing my hair and invest in dry shampoo. "Hair always looks better when it's a few days dirty—it's not so fresh-looking!"
And now, what you've all been waiting for! Here's the before…
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