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Curl your lashes first.
"Your lashes will look longer, your eyes bigger, and it pulls everything up. Look in a mirror, raise your brows and tilt your chin back. Then work in two sections: Clamp down in the center of your lashes for a few seconds, then do the same at the outer corner. Get as close to the roots as possible. Clean your curler every time—if it’s dirty, you can actually chop off your lashes!"
Wear eyeliner.
"It creates the appearance of density so your lashes look full. Gel liner’s best."
The right wand makes a huge difference.
"Skinnier mascara brushes get closest to the root of your lashes so they appear fuller; fatter ones make them look longer and spikier. I like using a fan brush: Swipe mascara on your hand, dip the brush in and paint from underneath the lashes, pulling upward. It gets super-close to the roots, so lashes look really thick. Then I use a skinny mascara, but only on the ends."
Squiggle mascara at the roots.
"Move horizontally at first, then start pulling it up vertically to coat all the lashes. This is the best way to create volume and length."
Wear a waterproof formula on the bottom.
"It keeps your lower lashes from smudging."
If you’ve got light hair, use soft color—like brown—for the most natural look.
"Black can look too harsh."
Adjust the application for your eye shape.
"If your eyes are narrow, put more mascara in the center to make them look bigger. If they’re far apart, put more in the inner corner to push them together. To create a more almond shape, apply an extra layer on the outer edges."