9 Ways To Guarantee You'll Get A Perfect Manicure—Everytime!

Post-Manicure Must

"You can extend the life of your manicure by adding a very thin layer of top coat every third day. I have an amazing Gel Lab set containing a top coat and base coat that are quick-dry, and mimic the finish of a gel manicure. A high-quality top and base coat will significantly increase the length of time that your manicure lasts."

Kyle Ericksen

 Assistant Digital Producer

A good manicure is so much more than a smart color choice. There's also the grooming, the shaping and top coat techniques, to list just a few of the important steps you (and your manicurist!) should be following. And that's not just coming from us; take it from the authority on all things nail-related: Deborah Lippmann. The celebrity manicurist, founder and creative director of her eponymous beauty line and now salon owner knows a thing or two about keeping nails in tip-top condition. Click through above for her expert, fail-safe advice.


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