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Look no further than these eight indie and boutique fragrance brands to find a truly original and totally you scent.
Histoires de Parfums

Perfume maker Gérald Ghislain creates his scents with characters and moments in history in mind. The fragrances are meant to tell stories.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Angelina Jolie is a fan of the brand's "1969"—a scent inspired by that year's sexual revolution.

Based in Brooklyn, this boutique fragrance brand both hand-mixes and hand-bottles their products. If you're in the area, you can even swing by for a class!
This London-based perfumer is not for those who are looking for a barely-there scent. Its offerings are all about immoderation. The robust fragrances contain notes like tobacco leaf, black pepper and cassis.
Founder Ben Gorham develops simple yet standout scents evocative of his own life experiences.
Juliette Has a Gun
With names like Calamity J., Lady Vengeance, Mad Madame and Vengeance Extreme, it's safe to say that Romano Ricci's fragrances are designed for empowered women—or at least those who want to be.
Etat Libre d'Orange
This irreverent French brand gives its perfumers the freedom to get as creative as they wish. The result? Provocative and completely original scents that mix notes like jasmine and tabacco, and leather and violet. The website describes the company's mission as "olfactory insubordination."
Founded in Paris in 1976, L'Artisan is one of the very first niche fragrance houses. It's the oldest on the list, but the house continues to explore new territory, keeping its fragrance library contemporary while still focusing on craftsmanship and quality.
Nest Fragrances
What began as a luxe home fragrance line has now expanded to include to-die-for floral perfumes that are unlike any floral perfumes you've ever smelled before.