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How to Fake Fuller Brows

"Skinny, barely-there brows can look harsh and actually add years to your look! Our brows ‘thin out’ as time passes, so a full, lush brow looks more youthful. Look at the fullest section of your brows, use that as your guide, and use natural-looking brow makeup to add volume where needed. Work with your natural can’t fight nature too hard! And as always, go with what looks good on you, not what the trends are.

For a quick fix, try using a brow volumizing product like Benefit's Gimme Brow—it's the fastest way to fake a more full and voluminous arch. It's a brow fiber gel that will actually mimic the look of real hair. It’s micro-wand applicator makes it super-easy to apply so you can get instant arches each and every time."

How to Find Your Perfect Arch
"Take a hard angled brush and line it up with the inner dimple of your nose going straight up until it meets the brow. This is where your brow should begin.
Hold the brush at the outside corner of your nose and angle it until the handle passes the center pupil and the tip of the brush touches the highest portion of your eyebrow. This is your ideal arch.

Keep the base of the brush at the outside corner of the nose and angle the brush tip over once more until it lines up with the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end."
The Dos and Don'ts of Grooming at Home

"Fill in your natural brow line with a brow powder or wax before you do any reshaping. Seeing a full brow will help you pluck only must-go stray hairs and prevent you from over-tweezing—the biggest brow mistake most women make. Remove the hairs that fall below the shape you’ve just created. When in doubt, put down the tweezers.

Trimming is also essential, but should not be attempted by anyone but a professional! It’s like a bang trim: seems easy enough, but can ruin the whole look if done incorrectly. A trim can show off your best shape and create a really clean-looking brow! But if done wrong…you may be hiding out for a few days."

The Rules to Follow When Tweezing

"It’s always best to get a great shape from a pro. However, sometimes beauty doesn’t work on a schedule—I get it. DIY tweezing, like many other things in life, is best done in moderation. But for those who choose to brave their brows alone, follow these simple rules to help you as you go.
Rule 1: Take it slow. "Power-tweezing" usually results in over-tweezing.

Rule 2: Define the shape from the bottom to help “lift” the look of your brow and open up your eyes.

Rule 3: Take a step back from your mirror every few hairs and look at your brow shape as a whole. Think of it as like looking at the forest, not the trees."

What to Do During the Growing-Out Period
"Benefit Brow Zings is the perfect way to define a shape that just isn’t there. The wax and powder formula will adhere to the skin and help camouflage any outgrowth that starts to come through in the meantime. As the hair begins to grow, apply Gimme Brow to add texture and volume."
How Long to Wait Between Brow Appointments
"A brow wax or tweeze will typically last you anywhere from 3-5 weeks. Maintenance is key when it comes to looking pretty, polished and put together."
The Lowdown on Brow Tinting

"It's one of the fastest ways to enhance your brows and truly frame your face. At Benefit, we use a custom tint that takes to even the finest hairs, leaving behind eye-defining arches you never knew you had. Brow tinting is one of the most popular services we offer (after brow shaping, of course). Benefit uses a vegetable base dye on the brows for added definition—think of it as a glaze for your hair. Brow tints are quick to apply, and the total process takes less than 10 minutes. Typically a tint will last up to 4-6 weeks."

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Are Bold Eyebrows Here to Stay?

Today, women definitely admire celebrities with strong brows: from Cara Delevingne’s big, bold brows to Beyonce’s strong, high arch to Angelina Jolie’s full brow with a defined arch to J.Lo’s smoldering and sexy dark brow. Let’s face it: women are inspired by the bold and the beautiful. Eyebrows are your most prominent facial feature—they frame the face entirely!

What’s interesting to see is how brow trends have changed over time. In fact, some of the celebrities who currently sport a fierce brow today were quite skimpy in the brow department just five to 10 years ago. Skinny brows were the trend in the '90s (something I would love to forget). While celebrities can provide great inspiration for beauty trends, at Benefit we always remember to customize your brow to your specific face shape. Trends come and go; however, a well-groomed eyebrow is definitely a movement that’s here to stay!"