Your Comprehensive Guide To Achieving Perfect Brows

Are Bold Eyebrows Here to Stay?

Today, women definitely admire celebrities with strong brows: from Cara Delevingne’s big, bold brows to Beyonce’s strong, high arch to Angelina Jolie’s full brow with a defined arch to J.Lo’s smoldering and sexy dark brow. Let’s face it: women are inspired by the bold and the beautiful. Eyebrows are your most prominent facial feature—they frame the face entirely!

What’s interesting to see is how brow trends have changed over time. In fact, some of the celebrities who currently sport a fierce brow today were quite skimpy in the brow department just five to 10 years ago. Skinny brows were the trend in the '90s (something I would love to forget). While celebrities can provide great inspiration for beauty trends, at Benefit we always remember to customize your brow to your specific face shape. Trends come and go; however, a well-groomed eyebrow is definitely a movement that’s here to stay!"

Giovanni Giannoni

Assistant Digital Producer

When I was in the seventh grade, I accidentally shaved off half an eyebrow. In a panic, I took the razor to the other brow and was left with two archless stubs above my eyes. You see, they were reaching caterpillar-like lengths, and I was too embarrassed to ask my mom for a pair of tweezers. I spent the painfully slow growing-out process trying to convince harsh commenters that I had, in fact, shaved my brows on purpose.

I later went through an unfortunate phase of tweezer addiction, after which I vowed to once and for all let my eyebrows do their thing. They're now full and have reached a normal length, but after everything I've put them through, they're hardly flawless. For advice, I asked brow expert and Benefit Cosmetics' International Spokesperson for Global Services, Jared Bailey, to share his best brow maintenance tips. Click through above for eight foolproof ways to perfect and maintain your eyebrows.


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