12 Holiday Beauty Gift Sets You Should Buy For Yourself

To score the best beauty deals of the year, look no further than holiday gift sets. Click through to shop our favorites!

Assistant Digital Producer

Yes, the holidays are a time for giving. But the season also happens to be the best time to stock up on beauty products for yourself. See, beauty products—especially those from prestige brands—are rarely on sale. However, now that holiday gift sets have hit shelves, you can finally score some good deals.

Take the 12 sets above, for example. Each contains a variety of popular products in generous sizes and as a bonus, often includes cute makeup cases and tools. They allow you to try products that you may not have considered otherwise, and many of them will last you until the next holiday season. When you do the math, it's clear that you're getting much more than what you paid for. Click through above to shop!


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