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Click through to see eight great beauty brands you haven't tried yet (and why you should)!
This fun Berlin-based makeup line names each product after various airports' three-letter codes. Uslu Airlines has popular "stops" like this YYZ lip gloss (Toronto, Canada). Chloë Sevigny, one of the original celeb fans, even stars in their "inflight video" (FYI: it's not a real airline)!
I'm a sucker for the colorful packaging, but Fiat Luxe's handmade felt soap bars not only look adorable, but smell incredible and have nourishing ingredients like olive and coconut oils that make skin feel soft even in the driest of winters—plus, the felt is a built-in exfoliator.
Not only is everything from Love & Toast under $15, but all the cute brand's products smell as good as they sound, including this hydrating Clementine Crush Body Butter.
VMV has been around for years, but I've rediscovered their hypoallergenic miracle workers with one of their best-sellers, the Creammmy-Rich Moisture Milk for Dry Skin—I figured if all their products are gentle enough to work on a baby, it'll be great for my sensitive skin too.
Bi Mat Cay's line was inspired by secret beauty recipes that have been used in Vietnam for hundreds of years. Their full formula might be hush-hush, but we do know that a unique mix of cocoa butter, beeswax and camphor in this balm makes lips moisturized and super soft.
Vegan nail care line RGB is majorly on our radar now that accessories designer Reece Solomon teamed up with the brand to create this soft rose-gold shade this fall. I have a feeling it's going to be everywhere.
Each of Kai's products are subtly-scented with their signature tropical-gardenia fragrance, including this shampoo. The creator, Gaye Staza, wanted to capture the scent of Hawaii from her many vacations there, and she did, to amazing effect.
One of my biggest pet peeves is when I fall in love with a lipstick only to find it's been discontinued. The geniuses behind BITE Beauty, who make a line of vitamin-enriched makeup products, have solved this problem forever. Their recently re-opened Lip Lab in N.Y.C. lets you recreate your perfect color—or make your own new signature shade. If you don’t live in New York, the store can take e-mailed and phone requests.